About Hogarth Law

Hogarth Law provides legal advice built on experience and integrity.

With over 40 years of leading firms, guiding teams in Brisbane and Regional Queensland, founder Tony Hogarth is a principled lawyer who seeks to understand his clients’ viewpoints, challenges and opportunities. He does this by offering his experience with transparency, friendliness and trust.

Hogarth Law was established to enable clients to have direct access to legal expertise without being caught in the impersonal nature that can come of the legal profession in modern times This is met by the Firm’s commitment to establishing professional relations with clients on an individual level where members of the Firm are approachable and accessible so you can feel confident that all relevant circumstances are considered.

Why Hogarth Law?

“I created Hogarth Law in 2018 with clients in mind, I wanted to continue to create the type of client-lawyer relationships that I enjoy most - those built on integrity, respect and mutual benefit. I wanted to offer that style of advice in a way which was easy to access.”

Tony Hogarth
Founder and Director
Hogarth Law Pty Ltd

Our Team

At Hogarth Law, our seasoned team of legal experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions for your legal needs. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we're committed to achieving your goals with professionalism and integrity. Trust us to protect your interests and provide the legal support you deserve.